Monsters Gallery

So I've been invited to exhibit at the Brick Lane Gallery. Should be exciting. I've been giving some thought to the theme of my show, and started thinking about the gist of where my work seems to go. And we have it: Hairiness. Both in terms of the follicular nature of things, but also in terms of hairy moments. It seems that I spend a lot of time drawing strange monsters of one sort or another, so the idea of a Monsters Gallery started to coalesce. They themselves are usually rather hairy, and they also insill fear into their observers (if the aforementioned monster is work his salt, that is. The idea of light and dark, fear, monstrous creatures and the absurdly hairy. I've begun work on my collection, and I'm beginning to make real progress with my aim to incorporate simple electronics into some of the pieces to add charm and a certain amount of interactivity. My exhibition is not really intended to tackle serious issues, or delve under the skin of the human condition – more that I'd like to create work that amuses, but is made with care and craft – with an eye on the treats that technology can deliver. A noodlers dream!