Turning 40 is a significant event in anyones life, and deserves to be celebrated in some degree of style. I'm lucky to have a bunch of chums who agree with this principle and arranged an expedition from Turin to Genoa – on Vespas. Travelling from London, Paris and Amsterdam, the six of us arrived in Turin and began an amazing 480km trip, through the rolling hills of Barolo (wine country) and Casina Rocca, all the way down to the beautiful coastal town of Portofino, and along the coast to Genoa. An amazing experience for the noodler, and one for us all to remember. To mark this grand event, and as we usually do, a special book was created to capture the experience – and provide us with a useful tool to demonstrate to others our organisational skill, ability to ride at relatively low speed for long distances, and a well developed facility for drinking along the way. I'd recommend it to anyone.